Quality policy

We understand quality policy as a value and a key component of enterpreneurial culture and company business relations to the customers.

Company management guarantee obligation to fulfil requests and to constantly improve efficiency of quality management system. Principles, which management guarantee, are:

  • that accepted quality policy is carried out,
  • that implementation of goals of quality is constantly monitored and all inconsistencies are set right,
  • that we build long-term partnership and cooperation with our customers and cooperators,
  • that we adopt to customer needs with modern methods and build competitive position that way,
  • that qualification of employees is prerequisite for achieving and suporting of required quality, that is why we take care of personal development of all employees with constant education, aimed training and proper rewards,
  • that adjustment of quality policy is performed every year during anual management inspection,
  • that we stimulate constant improvements and inovations in the company,
  • that all employees and interested customers are acquainted with quality policy.

Company management implements quality policy with accepted steps and personal model and so contributes to constant improvement of quality system for benefit of our customers and company efficiency.